May 26, 2017

I'm coming home.

It's been too many long years away....but I'm coming home. 

I never felt so fulfilled as when I was maintaining Today I Pray -- but as I shared this morning on my Facebook page -- Good Life Sister -- when my job circumstances changed years ago, so too did my daily discipline for writing.

This stops today.

Please enjoy the post I shared this morning on Facebook -- and just as I'm asking my Facebook friends to get to know the Lauren who maintained this blog, I'm asking you to get to know the Lauren who has found her purpose at Good Life Sister.   Expect to see me more -- in fact, expect to see me daily.

My posts may look a little different and the blog itself may undergo a transformation -- but it is still the same me -- trying hard to become a better person, to inspire hope and joy, and to connect the dots between these different times in my life.  

I know that everything happens for a reason... and I am putting my trust in the Universe that this is the step I am meant to take...regardless of how imperfect or ill-prepared I am to take it.  I trust that I am stepping further along the path of my purpose.

Enjoy the post ...and I can't wait to reconnect with you.


P.S.  If you are reading this -- I would love it if you left even just a single word comment below.  I am looking for signs.

Posted today on Facebook

If you really knew would know that years ago I maintained a blog called Today I Pray. I loved that blog and the ritual that came with it.  

Every morning I would get up and walk -- camera in hand -- and I would snap a picture of something in nature that spoke to me. It was like a walking meditation....and after my walk I came home, poured myself a cup of coffee and let what ever inspiration I had found, flow through me and into a poem....and then into my prayer for the day.

It was like magic.

It filled me with joy every single morning....and at that moment, I knew I was somehow fulfilling a purpose I didn't quite understand.

That practice ended when I started a different job with more rigid hours. It left a big void in my heart. Day by day though, I am starting to realize I am finding that joy again. The outlet may be a little different -- or maybe it isn't at all.

I'm getting up propped up to snap pictures of the thing that moves me (literally)...and afterwards I sit down with my shake and share whatever inspiration comes to me during my workout.

Perhaps it's time to connect the final let that inspiration flow into my prayer for the day.

Yes...I believe today I had an ah ha moment...and I'm taking another step into my purpose.

Today I Pray...

...take my hand and guide me.
...if this is the path I'm meant to walk, illuminate the way. me live a life of purpose and meaning. To inspire others to find their greatness.

... I trust in You.

Always have. Always will. 

April 16, 2013

The Unthinkable

They were jubilant

They were moms and dads
Sisters and brothers
Aunts and uncles
Friends and colleagues

They were runners
They were fans

Taking the final strides
Towards the finish line
Shouting words of encouragement
And celebration

When the unthinkable happened

They say that in the moments
Immediately after the explosions
There was an eery quiet
As the victims lay
Wide eye
In stunned silence

Hours later
I sit here
In the quiet of my home
Still in shock

My heart aching...
...for the victims
...and their families

...for the people who were there by chance
...and the ones who had a change of plans and couldn't be there afterall

...for the people who were at mile 25
...and those who had already crossed the finish line

...for those whose memories immediately took them back in time
...and those whose lives will never be the same again

On this day, I dedicate my prayers to you.

Today I Pray...

...with a aching heart

...for those that were taken from this earth too soon
May you find peace and rest in heaven

...for the families whose lives were forever changed
May you be surrounded by loved ones
And find strength from the prayers
That are being offered around the world for you

...for my family and friends who were too close for comfort
All praise to the Lord for keeping you out of harms way

...for the first responders, law enforcement and health care providers
May God guide your work

...for those responsible for this tragedy
May God help to heal your troubled heart

...for a world that wakes -- still stunned and feeling broken
May we each find a way to make this world just a little better

"Because he himself was tested through what he suffered, he is able to help those who are being tested."  Hebrews 2:18

April 3, 2013

Wonder & Awe Revisited

Just a month ago I wrote Wonder & Awe
A post for my children
To let them know what my heart holds for them

Today I discovered
This beautiful song
That captures even more of those emotions

Thank you Mark Harris for this beautiful expression of love.
It made me smile...and cry.

Roots and wings...
That really is the very best that I can give my children.

March 31, 2013

Nature's Chorus

From the moment I left the house this morning
I could tell that today was different
The world was quiet
Sleeping perhaps?

Not yet aware
Of nature's chorus
Being sung right outside the door

The birds seemed to dance
From tree to tree
Awakening the world
....Singing a sweet song of salvation

And in the distance
Even the rooster crowed
A joyful alleluia!

He is risen!

Today I Pray...
...with a grateful, humble heart

How do I even begin to understand
The amazing sacrifice You made
So that we might enjoy
Eternal life?

I cannot.

I can only pray
that somehow,
I live my life
In a way that makes You happy

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