July 31, 2009

When Words Fail Me

...there is music.

James Taylor has always been one of my most favorite musicians. And [to me] the Secret O' Life -- one of his most beautiful and meaningful songs. If the video doesn't load, please click the link above, and enjoy.

Today I Pray...

...a special prayer of healing for the sick

...fill their hearts with positive thoughts and energy

...surround them with love and caring

...refresh their spirits

...breathe Your strength and life into their hearts

July 30, 2009

When Angels Speak

Sometimes it's the flutter
of a butterfly's wings

Or the chorus of birds
in the trees

It's a pet's gentle purr
or wagging tail

A child's innocent eyes
silly giggles
popcicle kisses
and goodnight hugs

When angels speak
...Your heart smiles

Screeching brakes
without a crash

The phone call
to say "I've arrived"

A soldier's
first step on home soil

When angels speak
...Your heart beats

It's a cool breeze
on a sticky summer day
that wraps itself around you
like a scarf in winter

It's the hush
of a quiet morning

And the serenity
of a starry night

When angels speak
...You are soothed

It's the outstretched hand
that asks for help

The ones who inspire you
...to think
...to dig deeper
...to share generously
...to be more
....than you ever imagined

When angels speak
...Your heart soars

Today I Pray...

...with immeasurable gratitude
for the angels who have spoken
to me over the years

...some have names
...others just are

They've guided and protected
the ones I love

They've taken my breath away
with their beauty

And taught me to breathe
through anxious times

They've brought tears of joy
to my eyes

And helped me find peace
in the darkest hours

Today I also say a special prayer
for Kristin

...in your quest for clarity
please know
that you are an angel
who delivered
peace, hope and joy

Whatever I can do in return
for you...
would be a gift to me

July 29, 2009

Let the Curtain Rise

A sliver of a moon
In an indigo sky
Stars sparkling like glitter
Behind cotton ball clouds

Through the eyes of a child?

No - God's artwork
And the view
from my tiny piece of the world

In the distance
A storm
Illuminates the clouds
And the thunder beats
Like a drum roll

Standing there
I feel His presence
And with complete certainty
I know that
the show is about to start

So close to the big reveal
The curtain is about to rise
On the story of my life

Today I Pray...

...I've been listening

...I've been watching and waiting
and breathing in the goodness that
surrounds me.

An everyday blessing from You.

The vibration of Your work
rolls through me
Like the thunder that rolled
through the sky
And I know I am exactly where
I am meant to be

Open to the infinity possibilities
That lie ahead

And most definitely

You've walked with me
You've guided me
You've steadied me

I'm ready for the next step
and the signs You're sending
say You know that too

Thank You, for never leaving my side

"Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him the Father, God, has set his seal." Mark 6:27

July 28, 2009

Lost and Found

When I was just
a little girl
I lost a precious gold locket
that I had received as a gift

When I realized my loss
I cried

My mother came up
and put her arm around my shoulder,
"Why are you crying?"

I told her what happened
And I sobbed into her tender embrace

"All is not lost," she said
"Did you ask St. Anthony for his help?"

"Who's that?" I asked, puzzled
by the introduction of this new saint.

"When you lose something," she said,
"Just say a prayer to St. Anthony.
He will help you find it."

"Pray like this...
Dear St. Anthony,
please come down,
something's lost
and can't be found."

"Or if you want to be less formal," she said,
"Tony! Tony! Look around!
My locket's lost and must be found."

My mother was now sitting
on the floor of my bedroom
with her legs stretched out in front of her

I laid my head in her lap
And closed my tear-filled eyes

Through sniffles,
I carefully repeated her words

"Dear St. Anthony,
please come down
my locket's lost
and must be found."

I repeated the verse
one more time,
and as I wiped
the tears from my eyes
I saw the sparkle of a silver jewelry box
that had fallen behind my dresser

"What's that?" I said,
as I crawled from my mother's lap
in the direction of the glimmering box

I laid on my belly and
reached under the dresser
to pull out the box

Sure as could be,
it contained my gold locket

I looked up at my mother
with wide-eyed amazement

Then looked to the heavens and said,
"Thank you St. Anthony!"

I still summon that prayer
anytime I've lost something

In fact, St. Anthony and I
have gotten fairly chummy
over the years as I frequently lose
my keys or sunglasses, or shoes

But this morning I thought of him
not because I lost a possession
But I fear sometimes that
I've lost my footing
on this uncertain path that I'm walking

Today I Pray...

Dear St. Anthony
Please come down

Life can be a bit like a maze
Sometimes there are dead ends
Sometimes you take wrong turns
Sometimes we just misstep

I don't know if I'm lost
or just so deep into this maze
That I don't know my way out

Please be that angel on my shoulder
helping to guide me on my way

July 27, 2009


A thousand words left unspoken
The silence hurts

Try though we may
To say what's on our minds
Hangs between us like
A thick curtain

In those moments
Void of your reassuring

I admit I fill the gaps
With worries

What did I do?
Why are you upset?
Don't I make you happy?

But then I try to
Remind myself
What I've learned
Over the years

To trust
What I know
Over the feeling
of silence

And remember
that even I
Like to be alone
With my thoughts

So I hold my breath
Giving you
More air to

And I wait
For the cue
To exhale

Sometimes it's
Your booming laughter

Or a hug
held a moment longer

Or your head
upon my shoulder

Or a moment of vulnerability
when you share
the thoughts that had
stolen your words

But the beautiful thing
Is that you
Never fail me

Today I Pray...

...that your worries are few

...that you always know He is with you
no matter what thoughts weigh on your mind

...that we continue to respect each other's need to breathe

...and find ways to share the weight of each other's load

...that you know you can trust in me, like I trust in you

"Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

July 25, 2009


Immediately upon publishing my Friday prayer

I noticed something about the first few photos I captured yesterday in the still and quiet morning.

If you didn't read my post from yesterday, I asked three simple questions...

"Are You really here with me?
Do You know me?
Do You hear my prayers?"

Do you see what I see?
A Divine Trio....
The answer to my questions.
Most definitely He is here.

July 24, 2009

Are You Out There?

In the still of the morn
I sit quietly

Sleepy morning
Gray skies, thick summer air
Like a heavy blanket
Muffling the sounds
of life

There is no symphony
of birds, and leaves
and breeze

That plays for me each
Sunny summer morning

The vast gray sky
Both suffocating
and endless
Remind me of my place in the world

Are You really here with me?
Do You know me?
Do You hear my prayers?

Closing my eyes
I surrender my thoughts
to the sleepy silence

Keenly aware
of the stillness
that surrounds me

But then the Hoot Owl coos
from somewhere in the trees
And I'm reminded

...That I'm never alone

Today I Pray...

...with gratitude
for your unfailing presence

Help me to understand Your
gentle "coos"
that whisper through the trees

And give me the confidence
and persistence
to become the person
You want me to be

Help me to see the doors
that open to me

And the ones upon which
I may need to knock

Guide me to step
Across the threshold
Of the door
to my good and true life

July 22, 2009

Be My Guide

In everything I do
I put my trust
in You

Guide my thoughts
and actions

Help me clear away
the excess
and stay focused
on the path before me

Help me find center
Fill my soul
with your joyful spirit

Help me
to be more than I was

With a peaceful
and trusting heart

...Where You lead
I will follow

Today I Pray...

...for your guidance
as I try to find my way

...stay with me
such that I can
feel the strength
that comes from knowing
You are right here
by my side

July 21, 2009

Inspired - Uplifted - Blessed

I believe
we each have a calling
a special purpose
that God has chosen
just for us

Some spend their lives
in search of that gift

Some hear the call
And answer

Others run and hide

My heart breaks
for the lost souls
That never even realize

That a precious gift
Lives within them

Every once in a while
You come across someone
Whose gifts
Are so abundant
and so inspiring

And the passion with which
They embrace the gifts
That they've been given

Touches you

So deeply

That you can do little
Besides stand in awe

Or fall to your knees
and pray

That when your purpose
is revealed to you

You answer the call
with even half the
Grace and conviction

The beauty
of such an inspired spirit
is no mystery

...quite simply

....that beauty is God

Today I Pray...

...with an inspired heart

...for my friend who has started a new
and incredibly uplifting journey

...that her words reach the eyes
and ears of people who
need to hear her message

...that others find inspiration from her

...and realize the gift
that is within them
and embrace it with such a full heart.

If you don't already know her, I invite you to visit Tabitha at http://www.ichoosebliss.net/. I've said it before, but I'll say it again -- she is an angel among us. If you visit her, be sure to click on the link to listen to her podcast -- or if you'd prefer, find her podcasts on iTunes by searching for I Choose Bliss or tabitha@ichoosebliss in the podcast library.

"Now in Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha. She was completely occupied with good deeds and almsgivings" Acts 9:36

July 20, 2009


A newborn baby
Sleeps soundly
in your arms

Fuzzy little kitten
at your feet

Giggling toddler
Chases fireflies
in the night

Butterfly kisses
From sticky-fingered tots

"I love you"
"Please" and "Thank you"
"I'm glad you are my friend"

There is something
about "Precious"

It is tender
Sweet and kind

It is pure and easy
...Gentle innocence


Today I Pray...

...that I appreciate
just how precious
every new day is

...that I don't neglect
to say
"I love you"

...that I celebrate the moments
that make everyday life


July 17, 2009

Glorious Life

The warmth of Your sun
on my shoulders

The touch of Your gentle summer breeze
across my face

A chorus of birds singing
Your favorite song

Cool dewy grass
tickling my toes

I am alive
and very much awake
in this beautiful world You've given me

Thank You for another glorious day

Today I Pray...

...that this feeling of awareness
and deep appreciation
stays with me every day

...it's so easy to get caught up
in the rush of the day

I don't want to miss a moment
of appreciating

...all that is You

For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11

July 16, 2009


Like a dog chasing his tail
Running in circles
Exhausting myself
Getting nowhere

Maybe I'm just
chasing dreams
That can't be reached

Or maybe
I'm so busy looking back
That I'm forgetting
To see what's right
In front of me

God heard my mind racing
and He whispered in my ear:

Silly dog
Stop chasing your tail
Rest for a moment
Undizzy yourself

Then look at the world
That lies before you

Go on a long explore
Start moving forward
Sniffing your way
Down new paths

You'll find your way
Just stop chasing your tail

image from Google images

Today I Pray...

...for Your help in stopping the
negative self-talk

...help me to remember
that I can learn from the past
without being fixed there

...and that resting
and looking at what lies ahead
is OK

...but I will never get anywhere
if I don't start
walking the path

July 15, 2009

My Day

Dear God,
I could really use a hug.

July 14, 2009


Like a puzzle
that I just can't finish

I'm challenged

I've studied the image
on the box

I've sorted the pieces
and grouped them

Dark shades

The frame is complete

And every so often
I find a piece that fits

Smaller sections
are formed
outside the borders

I see where they could fit
but I can't find
the connectors

Are pieces missing?
Can I make sense
of this jumbled mess?

of trying to force
the pieces to fit

I'm starting to wonder
if seeing the picture on the box
is worth the frustration

I know it is

I've been admiring this picture
My whole life

This picture is my life
And the pieces of the puzzle
Are the key to my dreams

Today I Pray...

...for patience and perseverance

...for the ability to sort through
the pieces
and put aside the ones
that have gathered
that don't fit this puzzle

...and focus on the ones that do

I pray for Your guiding light...
...and Your steadying hand

...and if, sweet Lord
this picture is not meant to be

...I trust in Your greater plan

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me. Psalm 31:3

July 10, 2009

Sweet Tiny Rose

Tiny rose
So beautiful
So bright

Dainty flowers
Miniature leaves
A brilliant burst of
colorful blooms
Such a sight to behold

Photo credit: borrowed from mooseyscountrygarden.com

Days pass and I watch
as her leaves
turn brown
and her blooms fade

Before my eyes
sweet, tiny rose
gives way

Don't give up
I whisper
As I pull away
the dried leaves

And nip away
the faded blooms

Leaving nothing
but barren stalks
in a pot of rich soil

Don't give up
I whisper each morning
When I give tiny rose
A drink of water

Sweet tiny rose sat
Still and lifeless

Don't give up
I whisper
You can do it

And she did

Tiny rose dressed herself
in a new cloak
of brilliant green leaves

Now she's stretching
towards the sun
and getting ready
to bloom again

Oh sweet tiny rose
...Don't give up

Not the most beautiful picture...but this is tiny rose coming back to life.
If you look closely you can see the remnants of the dried up leaves.

Today I Pray...

...a special prayer for the many people
I know who are fighting a health battle

...and with gratitude for the blessings
of good health for myself and my family

...whatever your circumstances
remember tiny rose

Take time to nurture
yourself and others
who need a hand

Give yourself
a chance to rest

Stretch and reach
towards the sun

quench your thirst

and most importantly

...feel the strength of prayers
...hear His whisper
...and don't give up

July 9, 2009

A New Day

Rise and stretch
Breathe deep

Let the glory of the day
Wash over me

Help me, Lord, to be
the person
that You want me to be

Let Your pure and guiding light
Radiate from within

Pure goodness
Pure truth
Pure love

Help me to know
When and what to question
When and what to trust

Keep your steadying hand
Upon my shoulder

Hold the mirror up for me
Help me to see and appreciate my strengths
And humbly acknowledge my weaknesses

Give me the strength and grace
To stay true to myself
and most importantly

...To You

Today I Pray...

...for a positive attitude to carry me

...for grace and humility

...and for a deepened awareness of
Your unfailing presence in my life

July 7, 2009

More Than Words

Today I Pray...

...a simple prayer
for Your wisdom and grace

I need Your help today God
as I face another difficult conversation

I'm mentally preparing
But I don't want to over think it

Please shed Your amazing light
So I can see where I need to step
And help me find
the confidence
to say what I need to say

Enlighten me
So that I might be
A thoughtful listener

Help me to remember
that sometimes things are better
left unsaid

And when I speak
please breathe Your grace
into all my words

I ask for Your ever-guiding light.

"For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right." Psalm 84:11

July 4, 2009

From Sea to Shining Sea

Through the open window
I hear the church bells ring

..."O beautiful for spacious skies
For amber waves of grain,"

The melody echoes
Through the skies
Over land where I am free

..."For purple mountain majesty
Above the fruited plain."

Free to speak
Free to pray
Free to live my dream

"America! America!
God shed His grace on thee!"

In unison with my neighbor
Limited only by myself
The American Dream lives on

"And crown thy good
With brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!"

Click here if the video fails to load.

Today I Pray...

...with gratitude for the men and women
who fight every day to defend our freedom

...with pride in my country,
awestruck by its beauty
humbled by the vision of its founding fathers

...with a hopeful heart that realizes
I am blessed to be an American

I am blessed to be living
the American Dream...

...with an abundant life

...not wealth or possessions
as some may envision the "Dream"
but love, generosity,
freedom, opportunity
and God

Entitled to these three things...
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

God Bless America!

July 2, 2009

If I Haven't Told You Lately

If I haven't told you lately
You're very special to me

You make my life better

You are a radiant beam of sun
Blazing through grey skies

You are sparkling eyes
And laughter

You are strength
when I'm weak

You are grace
You are truth
You are light

You are you

...and I am blessed.

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart
for the many blessings in my life

Breathe your grace into my soul

For with you

I know that anything is possible

...without you I am lost

I Believe.

July 1, 2009


I was still...
and God talked to me

At first I heard nothing
...just a quiet calm

With a grateful heart
I started
to go about my day

He never broke the silence
but as I gazed out the window
at the dewy July morning
...His words were clear
...and pure comfort

He told me
that He loved me
and that He heard my prayer

And He reassured me
that I am never alone

"In fact," He said,
"There are angels
all around you.

you just mistake them
for something else."

"Some speak
Some fly
Some whisper in you ear
Some flutter like a curtain
in the breeze

Some hug you
Some kiss you
Some never say a word"

"And some," He said,
"just wag their tails."

From out my window this morning, my puppy rested and watched.
He didn't beg or bark. He didn't sleep.
He just watched and made sure that I was alright.

Today I Pray...

...that you recognize the angels around you.

Angel, like blessings, are everywhere.

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