January 20, 2010


I sat down at my desk
Turned the page on my calendar
And saw the date...
January 20, 2010

Just one thing went through my mind...

Where have the first 20 days of this decade gone?
They passed in the blink of an eye

But with a force that has left me spinning

I sat for a moment
My eyes fixed on the date
The whooshing sound
Swirling 'round my brain

Suddenly the "whoosh"
turned to "wish"

I closed my eyes
Bowed my head
And quietly I prayed....

Dear God,
Please don't let the days go past
at such a mighty speed

That I forget to bow my head
or hug my children
or let the people I love know
that they are in my heart
every day...
...because they are

....and You are
and I need You by my side

Help me, Lord
to quiet my mind
to release the "whoosh"
and remember to breathe
and bask in the light
of each and every day

Quietly I pray.

January 1, 2010

A New Day...

The moon rises
A crowd gathers
Electric air
A hum of excitement
And great anticipation
As the glowing crystal ball drops

Hugs, kisses,
Songs of Auld Lang Syne
One year ends
Another begins
And with it
Comes a fresh start
A clean slate
Great anticipation
For a better tomorrow

Today I Pray...

...with a hopeful heart
for a year filled with peace
and prosperity for all

...for hearts that overflow
with kindness,
generosity of spirit
gratitude and love

...a year filled with
joy and contentment

...with heartfelt appreciation
for the blessings that surround us
every day of our lives

May we all remember
to celebrate every day
with the same spirit that is with us today

Unwrap each day
...Enjoy the present!

Happy New Year!

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