March 25, 2010


Another day
Good morning sunshine
Let the day begin...

Filled with the energy
of enthusiasm
Like a helium balloon
ready for release

Up, up, and away
Until a tiny puncture
for the energy to escape

A pinhole
Then another
And another

And slowly
the balloon deflates

Today I Pray...

...please stay with me today.

Help me keep the energy
and attitude
of the new dawn

Help me to be an encourager
One who brings life
One who raises people up

And help me to hold my own
If the balloon begins
to deflate

March 7, 2010

Racing to Peace

I laid in bed last night
A million thoughts
Racing through my mind

A marathon of to do's
The stopwatch ticking
A race to the finish
But no road map to finish line

I tried desperately to quiet my mind
To let peace overcome me
And find my way to sleep

But the race continued
The ideas pounded
like feet on the pavement

But pressing on.

One more failed attempt
To quiet the mind
Then I reached for my Salvation.

A circle of tiny glass beads
On a chain of silver
Perfectly spaced
A cross dangling

I held the beads in my hand
The cross pressed between thumb and finger

"I've missed You Lord.
I'm sorry I've been remiss in making time
To talk to You.
I know when I talk to You
You have a way of quieting my thoughts
And helping me find center.

I need You Lord.
I can't do this alone.

Please, sweet Lord
Stay with me
Help me stay in the race

Help me learn to pace myself
For the long haul

Help me stay focused
Help me find rest."

The mind that was racing
Just moments before

I rested peacefully
Comforted in the warm embrace
Of His Love.

Today I Pray...

...with a humble heart
I need You in my life Lord

You give me peace
You help me find center

I simply cannot survive without You.

I am forever grateful
That even when I lose my way
You are always there
To comfort me
And help me find peace along the way

I am blessed

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