November 9, 2009

I Said a Prayer

I said a prayer last night
For peace

That everyone
At some point in the day
Would feel a quiet calm
....A whisper from God
of hope
of joy
of love


So if,
in the rush of this day
You happen to notice it
Close your eyes
Bow your head

....And enjoy a hug
from heaven

Today I Pray...

...for grace in dealing with difficulties

...for words that encourage and empower
...for actions that inspire

Today I pray for peace

November 8, 2009

Having Faith

Today I Pray...

...that I remember, and remind others
to turn to You in times of hardship

...that I remember to trust in your plan

...that I respect the boundaries
of my role in helping others with decisions
that are theirs

...that I have faith
in the fact that if You bring us to it
You'll bring us through it

Thank You for the blessings of this day.
...for the love of my family
...for the warmth of my home
...for giving my life purpose

Thank You for this day.

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