May 18, 2010

Gentle Rain

Gentle rain
A lullaby
Quietly soothes my heart

It calms me
Heals me
Refreshes me

Gentle rain
Slows me down

Why the rush?
What' the hurry?

Take a moment

Today I Pray...

Please help me Lord
To keep the quiet comfort
in my heart and mind
That comes on a rainy day

The rain nurtures the soil
It nourishes my spirit

Thank You for the rain.

"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad."  Psalm 118:24

May 7, 2010

Inspiration Found

If you only knew
How many times
I've stared at this blank screen

Hoping the words would come
Wishing I could hear that voice
That  once guided me
And told me what to say

But for months now
I've heard nothing

Where are You, God?

The words on this page
may be mine
But to me, there has never been a doubt
That they flowed freely
From You

For months now
I've been lacking
Your heavenly inspiration

Where are You, God?

The sun rose
The dog barked
The bird chirped
The owl hooted
My child smiled

...and just like that
I remembered

You are everywhere.

Today I Pray...

...that I keep my eyes and ears
open to You.

...that I recognize Your presence
in all things -- however big or small

...that I let myself
be bathed in the warmth
of Your love

That I might never again
need to search for
the omnipresent One
who is my God

"No longer shall the sun be your light by day, Nor the brightness of the moon shine upon you at night;
The Lord shall be your light forever, your God shall be your glory." ~ Isaiah 60:19

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