December 13, 2009

December 9, 2009


And so begins the season
of slushy, snowy, icy,
slippery roads and walkways
and frigid air that numbs
our fingers and toes

Today my prayer is simple
and I'll pray it every day
until the thaw of spring

Please, dear Lord
Keep us safe through this weather

Whether driving or walking
Shoveling or playing
Even if we're just breathing in
the crisp winter air

Please protect us
And keep us safe.

December 5, 2009

December Beauty

Warmed by
Sparkling kisses
from the heaven....

In my corner of the world

All is calm....
...all is bright.

December 1, 2009

A New Day

Quiet morning
Cool gray skies
Across the field
A dusty pink shadow
Slices through the horizon

A new day is dawning

And though this day
Marks the beginning of the end
for yet another year
It is also the start
of our joyful waiting for You

Today I Pray...

...for quiet moments
through the swirl of the holiday season

...for time to ready my heart and mind

...for the blessings that come
when we realize that
....every day
....every moment
holds the heaven-sent gift
of a new beginning

Quietly, I wait for you.

November 9, 2009

I Said a Prayer

I said a prayer last night
For peace

That everyone
At some point in the day
Would feel a quiet calm
....A whisper from God
of hope
of joy
of love


So if,
in the rush of this day
You happen to notice it
Close your eyes
Bow your head

....And enjoy a hug
from heaven

Today I Pray...

...for grace in dealing with difficulties

...for words that encourage and empower
...for actions that inspire

Today I pray for peace

November 8, 2009

Having Faith

Today I Pray...

...that I remember, and remind others
to turn to You in times of hardship

...that I remember to trust in your plan

...that I respect the boundaries
of my role in helping others with decisions
that are theirs

...that I have faith
in the fact that if You bring us to it
You'll bring us through it

Thank You for the blessings of this day.
...for the love of my family
...for the warmth of my home
...for giving my life purpose

Thank You for this day.

October 31, 2009

Hope Lives

A swirling cascade of vibrant color
Fell to the ground
Leaving a thick, yellow, autumn blanket
across the yard

The garden,
once lush with green foliage
And blooms of every color
Looked tired and aged

But suddenly a surprise
...there amidst the dried up leaves
And barren branches

One vibrant bloom

And the promise of another

...a lesson in hope and perseverance.

Life is yours to live...
...make the most of every day
...reach a little further
...try a little harder

Bloom against all odds.

Today I Pray...

...with gratitude
for the quiet ways

You speak to me

...and teach me to live

October 29, 2009

Keep in the Sunlight

I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you lately...
Life has been a sudden whirlwind...

...and I have good news to share!

After almost 20 months working for a consulting firm
and sometimes feeling lost in a world unknown to me
I am returning to my professional roots
in higher education and fundraising!

This opportunity is a true blessing --
as I will be doing work that I'm passionate about
and hopefully making a real difference
by raising funds to provide
an exceptional learning experience...
...and a promising future for deserving college students!

I have been blessed!

So, this week I've been wrapping up
my work with company A...
...each day getting more excited about what lies ahead
...but also worrying a bit
about how I'm going
to keep up with my blogs

...but then I realized that no matter what my work days bring
there will still be moments of quiet reflection each day

...and though the timing or frequency
of my postings may change
no matter what...

...there will always be time with You.

Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. ~Benjamin Franklin

October 25, 2009

In Living Color

You pray and pray...
...searching, hoping, believing
that in time,
you find the answer to your prayers
in His plan for you

Through trying times
It can be hard to understand
the "why"

We stand in the midst of the storm
...maybe even doubting

Like the sky in the midst of a storm
Life is playing out
in shades of gray

We look to the heavens for answers

We fall to our knees
and pray some more

Eyes closed
Heads bowed
Quietly waiting

Then you feel it
His hand upon your shoulder
The warmth of His love
Like a ray of sun on your back

Hopes raised
You lift your head
And realize
you are living
the vibrant colors of life

October 23, 2009


Sometimes there is no need for flowery prose...
just a simple,
"Good morning God.
Thank you for another glorious day!"

Today is one of those days!

Count your blessings...
...out loud.

Life is good.

October 22, 2009

Sing Out

Today is a day to celebrate
Give me the voice to sing out

The reasons are many
The joy is real

Help me find the words
To sing out
....And celebrate today!

Today I Pray...

With a joyful and grateful heart
....for my Dad

Thank you for working so hard
to find your voice
and your strength
So that you could come back home
where you belong

With gratitude and love
....for my Mom

Thank you for showing us
Every single day what real love is all about
...patient and kind
...never ending

A child couldn't ask for more inspiration
than the love you two live
Every day, every week, every year

Welcome home Dad!

Love..."bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails..." 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

October 19, 2009

If I Could

If I could change one thing about you...

...I wouldn't.
I love you, exactly the way you are.

Today I Pray...

...for serenity.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

October 15, 2009

In Every Moment

We all have our moments...

...the split second
when our world
somehow changes

Sometimes it changes
for the better

for the worse

But we all have those moments

The moment...

...when we first let our voice be heard
...or learn to ride a bike

...when we say, "I do"
...or hear our newborn baby's cry

The moment...

...when we are laughed at
...or fall off that bike

...when our heart stops because
the phone rings in the middle of the night

...or we realize
that somehow we cheated disaster

The moments...

...when we stand tall
...our eyes welled up
with tears of joy and pride

...or fall to our knees
...and weep in sorrow

Good or bad,
In every moment...

I know You are there

You are the one
who lifts me up
yet keeps me grounded

You are the one
who reminds me to breathe
and helps me get back on my feet

You are the one
who is there every moment

Photo from Google images

Today I Pray...

...for Your grace

Help me to see
the blessings
that surround me

And find comfort
in Your presence

Help me
to make and see
the very best

...of every moment

"Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed I am your God. I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice." Isaiah 41:10

October 12, 2009


Each day begins the same
A stretch open myself
to receive the day You've given me

A moment of thanks
A prayer for Your guidance
throughout my day

Then a quiet moment while I listen
For a cue from You

"How can I serve you today, God?"

Sometimes I hear Your response
In the rush of the wind,
In a hug from my child,
Or in the purr of the kitten
Curled up in my lap

Sometimes I hear You calling
From a distance
And I spend my day
Following your call
Each moment
Moving closer to You

Then other times
Like today
Your presence is certain
I am calm, peaceful, centered
Yet Your voice is but a whisper

…and it is only through
Quiet reflection
That I can hear

Today I Pray…

Stay with me today…
…help me quiet my mind

So that I can hear
Your gentle whispers

I am ready to walk
...please guide my footsteps

Help me, today
....As always
To be the person
You have designed me to be

October 8, 2009

No One Heard

She cried out in the night
And no one heard


She hid the bruises
So no one would see

And though his words
Cut through her
like a knife
She shielded her bleeding heart

She cried out in the night
And no one heard


Image from

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart
for the loving relationships
that have always been a part of my life

I am a lucky one...
...others can't say the same

I pray for help and healing
for the wounded souls
who are impacted by domestic violence

May the abused
find comfort, peace and love

May the abusers
seek help and self-healing

May the rest of us
find a way to make a difference

I first started to learn the staggering facts about domestic violence through my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Over the years, Alpha Chi has adopted several national causes. Currently, almost all of our chapters, both collegiate and alumnae, work to end domestic violence. Although I am not associated with an alumnae chapter, I want to do my part to help end the horror of domestic violence.

I offer my
post today in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I would like to ask you to help me make a difference for the estimated 1.3 million women who are victims of domestic violence each year.

Here are just a few ways you can help.

  • First of all -- PRAY -- it matters.
  • Share this post with your network of friends.
  • Email it.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Blog about it.
  • Spread the word however you see fit.
In addition, as an independent representative of Wildtree (all-natural foods products), I will be donating 20% of all sales made this month to Silent Witness National Initiative. Please consider shopping with me as a way to eat healthy and help stop domestic violence.

Note: This is my own commitment made independently of Wildtree, only sales made through
my website will qualify.

Please do what you can to help make a difference.

October 6, 2009

October Blooms

Inspired by Judy
And photos of her October roses
I set out for a walk in the garden
To catch a glimpse
Of the last blooms of the year

The grass was long and in need of cutting
And for the most part
The the flowers looked tired
and dried after a long summer
Of colorful splendor

But as I rounded the corner
To my delight
Among the aged leaves
A burst of color

Autumns blooms
Of lavender
Red, yellow, pink and orange

The leaves weren't pretty
They've been nipped by early frost
But the flowers were jubilant
Summers last hurrah

Today I Pray...

...that like these late summer flowers
I don't surrender
to the chilly moments of life
And instead keep striving
To bloom

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

October 5, 2009


The day breaks

No crash
No boom
No bang

Just the steady tick tick tick
Of the clock on the wall

And a silent rush
Of comfort
As a new day begins

Surely in this morning sky
I see a glimpse
Of heaven

And I feel Your quiet presence
In my heart
my mind
my soul

the day begins

Today I Pray...

...for comfort in the quiet moments

...for peace within

...for a positive attitude

...and the focus to make the most
of the gift I've been given

...another glorious day

October 3, 2009

In Everyday, a Lesson

If it weren't for the lessons
That I learn in every day
What would be the point
In rising?

Who am I
To think
That there is nothing more to be learned?

Or that somehow I'm entitled

To rest on my laurels?

Surely I can build
upon what I've already learned
To be something more
than what I was yesterday

But if I wake
And stop trying
To discover something new

I am shortchanging myself
and more importantly

Today I Pray…

...that I keep my eyes and ears open
To the lessons of the day

...that my mind stays open
To better understand someone
Who is misunderstood

That I don't rush to judge
But seek to understand

That I keep reaching
Keep striving
Keep learning
Keep living

And do not rest each day
Until I've learned something new
…However great or small

October 2, 2009

Standing in my own way...

"Don't ask for God to guide your Footstep
...if you are not willing to move your feet."

These were the words that concluded my post the other day. A post I didn't write myself, but an email I received that just resonated with me. Though the whole post had meaning, these words have been ringing through my mind over and over again since I read them.

These words halted the flowery poetry, and caused me to realize that for some time now, I've been doing just that -- asking for guidance, but standing dead in my tracks -- afraid or unwilling to take a step.

I look in the mirror and can see, that physically I need to get moving -- yet quite literally I am idle.

I look around my home and see the work that needs to be done -- but take no interest in doing it.

I pray every day for things to be different for me professionally -- but take no steps to change them.

I am, like this morning, overcast and cold. Filled with self-doubt. Afraid of failing. Asking God to guide my footsteps, but then refusing to move my feet.

If you are reading this and thinking I am being too hard on myself -- I'm not. I'm being honest. I blame no one, but myself, for this feeling I have. I've been talking the talk of joy and optimism -- but I haven't been walking the walk.

So God in Heaven....

Today I Pray... me from the excuses
...enlighten me me to lift this self-imposed burden of sadness and self-pity

Help me to pick myself up
Dust myself off
And give me the courage
To move the direction of my dreams

I know there is a sun
that is peaking through the clouds
Help me to see that light.

"In danger I called on the Lord;
the Lord answered me and set me free.
The Lord is with me; I am not afraid;
what can mortals do against me?"
Psalms 118:5-6

October 1, 2009

Ode to My Baby

I lived a life
I thought complete
But then I met you
Baby sweet

Precious soul
With angel eyes
My life’s prize

And just like that
I've come to feel
The heart of a mother
A bond so real

I feel your hurt
I cry your tears
I’d move mountains
To calm your fears

Little love
Who touched my soul
You changed my life
You made me whole

Originally posted on 'Round the Kitchen Table, September 2, 2009

This little poem is especially significant today...
because some nineteen years ago,
my life was forever changed.

Today I Pray...

...with a joyful heart
for the little girl who changed my life

I couldn't be prouder
of the beautiful, spirited young woman
you have become

I wish you a day filled with
laughter, smiles....
...and tacos!

Happy Birthday Amy!

September 29, 2009

Food For the Soul

Another post that I wish I could take credit for writing – but it was sent to me.  It's just a little something to ponder over your coffee break.

Psalm 23

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures;
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul;
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil
for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
thou anointest my head with oil
my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for eternity.”

The Lord is my Shepherd = That's Relationship

 I shall not want = That's Supply!

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures = That's Rest!
He leadeth me beside the still waters = That's Refreshment!

He restoreth my soul = That's Healing!
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness = That's Guidance!

For His name sake = That's Purpose!
Yea, though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death = That's Testing!

I will fear no evil = That's Protection!
For Thou art with me = That's Faithfulness!

Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me = That's Discipline!
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies = That's Hope!
Thou annointest my head with oil = That's Consecration!

My cup runneth over = That's Abundance!

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life = That's Blessing !

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord = That's Security!

Forever = That's Eternity!

What matters isn’t WHAT we have in our lives…
But WHO we have in our lives!

'Do not ask the Lord to Guide your Footstep
...if you are not willing to move your Feet'

September 24, 2009

It Pours

They say that 'when it rains, it pours'
And we know it to be true

Good news or bad
It always seems
to come like a storm

Through a storm of good news
we splash in the puddles
sing in the rain
and find ourselves chasing rainbows

A storm of good news
is delight
It's bliss
It's easy

Through storms of hard times
How our attitude changes

We retreat when we can
And when we have to face the storm
We put our heads down
And run like crazy
To dodge the rain

Oh to learn
to weather any storm
with our heads turned
towards the heavens

To let the waters wash over us
Bathe us with His grace

And ask not
for the skies to stop
But to learn
how to smile through the rain

Today I Pray...

...that I might see the beauty
in the storm clouds

...that I learn to turn my gaze to the heavens
instead of trying to dodge the rain

...for faith in Your plan
and perseverance to see it through

Please stay...
....and dance with me in the rain

September 22, 2009

In Heaven

I wish I could take credit for this story, but it is just an email I received today. Its message such a good one that I wanted to share it with you.

What Happens In Heaven

I dreamt that I went to Heaven and an angel showed me around. We walked side-by-side inside a large workroom filled with angels.

My angel guide stopped in front of the first section and said, "This is the Receiving Section. Here, all petitions to God said in prayer are received."

I looked around in this area, and it was terribly busy with so many angels sorting out petitions written on voluminous paper sheets and scraps from people all over the world.

Then we moved on down a long corridor until we reached the second section. The angel then said to me, "This is the Packaging and Delivery Section. Here, the graces and blessings the people asked for are processed and delivered to the living persons who asked for them."

I noticed again how busy it was there. There were many angels working hard at that station, since so many blessings had been requested and were being packaged for delivery to Earth.

Finally at the farthest end of the long corridor we stopped at the door of a very small station. To my great surprise, only one angel was seated there, idly doing nothing. "This is the Acknowledgment Section," my angel friend quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed.

"How is it that there is no work going on here?" I asked.

"So sad," the angel sighed. "After people receive the blessings that they asked for, very few send back acknowledgments."

"How does one acknowledge God's blessings? " I asked.

"Simple," the angel answered. "Just say, 'Thank you, Lord.'"

"What blessings should they acknowledge?" I asked.

The angel replied, "If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world 's wealthy. And if you get this on your own computer, you are part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity."

"If you woke up this morning with more health than illness. You are more blessed than the many who will not even survive this day. "

"If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation ... You are ahead of 700 million people in the world."

"If you can attend a church without the fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are envied by, and more blessed than, three billion people in the world."

"If your parents are still alive and still married are very rare."

"If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you're unique to all those in doubt and despair......."

Today I Pray...

...sorry for all the times
I took life's many blessings for granted

I am so grateful
for all the blessings my life holds

...the love of my family and friends
...a roof over my head and food on the table
...the freedoms that come at a high cost to so many
...the opportunities that await me every day
...and God's unconditional love

Thank You for the obstacles in life
that challenge me to keep reaching

Thank You for loving me,
even in my darkest hours

September 21, 2009


The simple abundance
of life's blessings
captured in the serenity
of the morning sky

Today I Pray...

...that your gift
of peace and serenity,
wrapped up in this beautiful sky
settle deep within my heart and soul
and stay long after the sun has risen

September 20, 2009

Sharing the Love

Since I don't typically post on a Sunday, I hope you'll forgive me from abandoning my usual format to share this. Today I Pray received some "award" love! Kristen at Ladybug Blessings surprised me this morning with this award.

The directions for this award are as follows:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you [thank you again Kristen!]
  2. Copy the logo & place on your blog
  3. Link the person who nominated you [which I hope would be done in thanking :)]
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know
  5. Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers [clearly the hardest part because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there!!]
  6. Post their links
  7. Tell them!
So here goes with my 7 random things :)

  1. I love organizing things.
  2. Despite this, I can be pretty disorganized at times.
  3. At Christmas time I bake about twelve different kinds of cookies (and they are delicious, if I do say so myself!).
  4. I love to knit (but can only make one thing well...a Prayer Shawl...go figure :-)
  5. Susan Branch is my creative inspiration -- she is living my dream.
  6. When I was little I had a cat named Leo (the Lion). The dogs in the neighborhood were afraid of him -- seriously.
  7. My dream home is little more than an old farmhouse with a huge kitchen, and a big wraparound porch overlooking a lake. share the love.

Kristen, thank you again for giving me this award. It means so much to me. I loved being able to share a little about me -- and I especially loved sharing the love!!

Now it's confession time. I actually received another award quite awhile ago, but I never did anything about it -- and for that I'm really very embarrassed. You see, at the time, I didn't think I could accept it. I was trying so hard to keep this blog in just the format that I had started, that I thought it didn't "fit."

When I received the award from Kristen this morning, all of the same thoughts went through my head -- but then something dawned on me...a thought really smacked me right over the head. This blog isn't about me controlling things -- it's about opening up my heart and trusting God's bigger plan. In this case, I needed to accept and receive the gift that was being given -- so that I could give something back in return.

Not that hard a concept -- but an ah ha moment that I felt I needed to share. Once again...mysterious ways.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Thanks so much for being here.

"They will greet you and give you two wave offerings of bread, which you will take from them." 1 Samuel 10:4

September 18, 2009

Welcome Friends

I woke to a knock on my door
Two virtual strangers stood there
Unexpected guests
Asking to come in

My house was a mess
But I opened the door
"Please come in"

I led them to the kitchen
Where they joined me at the table
They spoke to me kindly
And instantly I was at peace

We sat for quite awhile
and spoke freely
of hopes and dreams
And before long
These strangers became friends

As they were leaving
I thanked them for stopping by
And told them how their visit
Boosted my spirit
In ways
I never could have imagined

They promised me they'd be back
And that next time
...they'd bring friends

I assured them
there would always be room
at the table

I watched my new friends
As they headed off down the road

When they were finally out of sight
I closed the door
And stood there with a tear in my eye
And a smile on my face

Ever amazed

...By the way
You answer prayers

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart

For Christie and Lorraine at The BlogRollers...

Thank you for knocking at the door
...and asking me to be your featured blogger today
...then coming back and bringing your friends

For new friends...

...Thanks for stopping by
Take some time
Seek some inspiration of your own
And please, come back and visit again

For my old friends who keep coming back
...and showing your support

Thank you for being here
through all my ups and downs
It's an amazing journey that I'm on
and I'm blessed that you're walking it with me

And above everything today...

...I turn my gaze to the heavens
Humbled, blessed, ever-amazed...

...I've been asking,
and today You answered loud and clear.

September 17, 2009

Could This Be?

Seeking quiet inspiration
A broader reach
An outstretched hand

There is more to be done
More souls
That need to share
what's on their heart

Looking to the skies
I wonder...

Could this be more?
Should this be more?

I'm turning to you
for guidance

Today I Pray...

I need your help

I've been kind of quiet lately
because I'm adjusting to a different kind of life

I'm a little blue...
...partially because I'm missing my daughter

...partially because I'm feeling a little lost professionally

...largely because I feel there's more for me to do
...but I don't know what or how

Many of you have shared your thoughts and reactions with me
about how I might use my words to do more good
...books, cards, artwork, etc.

I am looking at all of those possibilities
In hopes that I can do just that

But in the meantime, I'm asking for your input
Your thoughts about this blog
and whether or not it should be something more....

...maybe more of a community, where we could share
...or more open forum where you could post your prayers
and special intentions? friend suggested I share more about myself,
and pay less attention to my daily inspiration format...

You are my friends, and I'd value your thoughts.

September 16, 2009



... the sun rises
But the skies are not bright

....waves break
Though the ocean seems at rest

...birds fly
But don't swoop in fanciful flight

...people laugh
When inside they're crying is good
But the heart still aches

Today I Pray...

...with a quiet and open heart

Breathe Your gentle peace
into my soul

That I might be aware
of Your unfailing presence in my life

Stay close, Lord

"Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light." Matthew 11:28-30

September 14, 2009

A Prayer for Aimee

Aimee - pronounced ay-MEE,
of French origin meaning: "Beloved Friend"
I met a special woman
"Young lady" oh so wise
Her words were like a melody
And God's light shone in her eyes

She said her ears were failing
Yet somehow she could hear
Kindness all around her
Joy, both far and near

She said her eyes were weak
Yet somehow she could see
Goodness in her neighbors
And the heart of true beauty
Sitting there beside her
The sunlight in her hair
I knew that God was with us
She was a living prayer
I met a special woman
"Young lady" oh so wise
Her words were like a melody
And God's light shone in her eyes

Today I Pray...

...for my new friend Aimee,
thank you for sharing the joy that is on your heart
your attitude uplifts and heals the people around you

...for my Dad,
thank you for being such a fighter
and giving your all to getting better for your family
...for my Mom,
thank you for loving and giving so much of yourself
to everyone you meet.
You will never know how many lives you've touched
just by being you. Every day you make the world a better place God,
thank you for sending so many amazing blessings into my life

"With three things I am delighted, for they are pleasing to the Lord and to men: Harmony among brethren, friendship among neighbors, and the mutual love of husband and wife." Sirach 25:1

September 11, 2009

They Say the Best Things...

They say the best things in life are free...

...a good belly laugh
...the air we breathe
......unconditional love

And for a few more weeks can add something else to the list
....Free Shipping from Dayspring :)

Today I Pray...

...that you enjoy all the free joy that life has to offer

...If you choose to do some shopping with Dayspring,
please know that your support means the world to me.


Quiet grey morning
The rain falls
And plays a somber melody

A crash of thunder
Lightening strikes
And the memories
come flooding back

Memories of a day
When our lives were changed

We screamed
We cried
We hugged
We lit candles
We raised flags
We reached out to comfort strangers

Quiet grey morning
The rain falls
Like tears from heaven

We will never forget

Today I Pray...

...for the heroes
whose valor left an indelible mark on our hearts
...that you are at peace

...for the families
whose lives were forever changed on this day
...that you are comforted

And with mercy...
...for the souls whose hearts
hold so much anger and hatred
...that somehow you hearts find peace

September 9, 2009


I'm trying my best...

Today I Pray...

...for Your patience
...for Your wisdom
...for Your strength

September 7, 2009

It Doesn't Matter

Some say that prayer
doesn't matter

It's a useless waste of time

That no one
hears your cries
and most certainly
no one answers

Some say it doesn't matter

I say
Perhaps they're right...

It doesn't matter...
...what color your skin
...or the color of your hair

It doesn't matter if...'re young or old
...weak or strong
...woman or man or poor
...Gentile or Jew

Prayer is about faith.

It's about believing
in something bigger than you

It's about asking
for God's guiding hand
Upon your shoulder

It's about opening your eyes
and ears
and trusting in His plan

It's about realizing
...even in the darkest hours
That you are exactly where
you are meant to be

And in those hours
It's about
finding light
...and purpose
...and His unfailing love

Today I Pray...

...for the believers

that you continue
to find comfort
in His love

...for the doubters

that you take a moment
to consider the possibilities
that are born of faith

...for the non-believers

that you consider that perhaps
there is an alternate truth to your words
...It doesn't matter

"Amen, I say to you, if you have faith and do not waver, not only will you do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' it will be done. Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive." Matthew 21:21-22

September 5, 2009

She Is

She is the one
who cheers for you
when you succeed

And the one
who holds your hand
when you are scared

She is the one you lean on

She is strong
She is the rock
She is the voice of reason
...and encouragement

She is also the one...

who bites her lip
so that you won't see it quiver

and swallows hard
past the lump in her throat

The one who turns away
so that you won't see
the tears that have welled up in her eyes

the one who worries
long after you've fallen asleep

She is...
Your mother
Your sister
Your daughter
Your wife
Your aunt
Your cousin
Your teacher
Your partner
....Your friend

She is a good soul in your life
...and she is human.

So be gentle...and handle with care.

image from Google images

Today I Pray...

with a joy-filled and gracious heart

...for the amazing women in my life

Thank you for your showing me...
...generosity of spirit
...hope and faith
...and unconditional love

"Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee." Genesis 12:13

September 2, 2009


"No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit." Helen Keller

Today I Pray...

...for optimistic eyes
that see infinite possibilities

...for confidence in my abilities

...and a faithful heart that knows
You are with me
every step of the way

...for an attitude of gratitude

Today is a treasured gift
-- a blessing from heaven -- me to make the most of it

September 1, 2009

A Cool Breeze

With the turn of the calendar page
Comes a slight chill in the air


Back to school
A breath of fresh air
A new outlook

Autumn's subtle approach
Not an ending
But a new beginning

Today I Pray...

...with gratitude for an awakened spirit

...for the confidence and wisdom
to make the most of this fresh start

...for an attitude that embraces
the infinite possibilities that You provide

Thank You for reminding me
to stop for a moment
....and breathe in Your goodness

...and live the life You've designed
....just for me

August 27, 2009

Wonder Under the Stars

Setting sun
Rising moon
New life

A hundred onlookers
Ready to witness
The miracle
Laying just beneath the sand

If the video does not load, please view the article to enjoy an awesome video of baby sea turtles being hatched

Today I Pray...

...with an awe-inspired heart
amazed by the miracle of life
and the wonders of nature

...though we didn't witness these
baby sea turtles being hatched
I thank You for teaching me
something new today

...and for the gentle reminder
that every day is a new day
A fresh start
A renewed attitude
A new beginning

With Your love
a new life
can be born at any moment

August 24, 2009

Nothing Like It

There is nothing
quite like the spray of salty air
on your face

And sand between your toes

And the call of the seagulls
and pelicans

A change of pace
A chance to step away
from every day life

And make castles in the sand

photo from bing images
Today I Pray...

...with gratitude
for the opportunity
to step away from every day life
and delight in the joy of my family

August 20, 2009


Trying so hard
to hold it all together

Now is not the time
to come undone

But the dog's barking
The phone's ringing
So much to do, and
Tensions are running high

The mountain of belongings
stacked up in the hall
Tell a story of a new adventure
about to begin

...the next step for a little girl
who's growing up
...and the mix of emotions
for a family who is learning to let go

Without even realizing it
A tear rolls down my face
then another

....and before I know it

I begin to melt

Today I Pray...

....for laughter and joy
...for patience and understanding
...for compassionate hearts
And a deep awareness of
Your unfailing
peace and love
settled deep within our bones

August 18, 2009

Unexpected Gift

No poetry or prose today
no flutters of inspiration

Just a quiet mind
the purr of the computer
and a steady beat of my heart

The music of solitude

An unexpected gift of calm
Amid the swirling chaos called life

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart

for the gift of a peaceful morning

...with so much to be done in the days ahead
this gift was a weight off my shoulders
a reprieve from stress

I know it was a gift from You
and I'm starting to realize
that it is a blessing
that is always there for the taking

Always there....


"He woke up, rebuked the wind and said to the sea, "Quiet! Be still!" The wind ceased and there was a great calm." Mark 4:39

August 17, 2009

Breath of Heaven

A hundred to do's
Suffocate me

And though the day is just coming to life
I feel the rush
of the week already racing by

Help me remember to breathe

And just like that,
in the rush of the day
A cool morning breeze
swept through the open window
in my office
And gently wrapped itself
around me

Comfort. Truth. Life.

Today I Pray...

...please help me to stay focused use my time wisely make the most of each conversation have a successful day

And thank you for answering my prayer so quickly...

......and erasing the tension that was already mounting

Your subtle breath of heaven reminded me
that there is nothing
more important
than this moment with You

August 15, 2009

So Am I

"I'm happy!" she said
in her sweet little voice.

"So am I!" sang a chorus of friends.
And they laughed and played
and skipped around the yard.

"I'm hungry," he said
as he rubbed his grumbling belly.

"Me too!" roared his friends
who followed him into the kitchen.

"I'm scared," she cried
as lightening illuminated the sky

"So am I," shrieked her friends
and they huddled together
away from the storm.

She cried out in the dark,

"I'm stressed."
"I'm nervous."
"I'm anxious."

"So am I," echoed back in a breeze.

And a chorus of friends
who understood
Held her up while she learned to breathe

That day she finally caught her breath
She heard the words
He'd been speaking all along
The wisdom of ages
Simple abundance

"My child, you are never alone."

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart

Thank you for showing me
that no matter what I am feeling
I am never alone in my emotions

Hold me steady as I find courage
to share more

Help me to trust that in sharing
I will heal
And maybe help others
who are bearing similar burdens

Help me to see the many ways
that I can learn from others

I also say a special prayer
for courage
for anyone
who is feeling lonely
or scared, or anxious your heart,
and know you're not alone.

"Know that I am with you; I will protect you wherever you go and bring you back to this land. I will never leave you until I have done what I promised you." Genesis 28:15

August 13, 2009

The Words Don't Come

I want to speak
about the calm

about dewy grass
and the soothing patter
of rain on the rooftop

about the cool rain
that's beaded on
each leaf and branch

I want to delight
in the essence of morning

and embrace the serenity
of my morning walk

But the words don't come

Instead of calm
I'm anxious

I'm weary from a journey
that's taking me in circles

I need to breathe

Today I Pray...

...for Your calming hand upon my shoulder

...forgive me if I lean too hard on You

...Guide me, steady me, me find center and breathe

"Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed; I am your God.
I will strengthen you, and help you, and uphold you with my right hand of justice."

Isaiah 41:10

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