March 15, 2009


I think sometimes in the rush of every day life, we lose sight of what really matters in life. So I thought I'd take a moment to share some simple reminders.

Remember the only one responsible for your happiness is you. It's a decision you make every minute of every day, and every day of your life

Remember that no matter what people say, you will never get where you want to, unless you start moving in the direction of your dreams.

When you're faced with a difficult decision that challenges your values -- remember to make choices you would be proud to share with your kids -- or your mother.

When you make a mistake, remember you are human and forgive yourself.
When someone lets you down, remember they are human too.

And most importantly of all -- Remember that God is walking with you ever step of the way -- whether you ask him to be there or not. So since He's with you, there's no sense walking in silence. Pray.

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