March 25, 2010


Another day
Good morning sunshine
Let the day begin...

Filled with the energy
of enthusiasm
Like a helium balloon
ready for release

Up, up, and away
Until a tiny puncture
for the energy to escape

A pinhole
Then another
And another

And slowly
the balloon deflates

Today I Pray...

...please stay with me today.

Help me keep the energy
and attitude
of the new dawn

Help me to be an encourager
One who brings life
One who raises people up

And help me to hold my own
If the balloon begins
to deflate


Just a little something from Judy said...

I can relate to this prayer, and the way tiny holes can begin the deflation process, sometimes without warning. Just a comment, a news program, misunderstanding...whatever, the deflation can start.

I pray that I too will be an encourager through each day.

So good to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

You spoke these words for me as well.

aquamaureen said...

I hope all is well with you, Lauren . .. have you been struggling? Know that I care.

aquamaureen said...

thinking about you, Lauren . . . concerned about you . . . are you okay?

Videhi Visali said...

hey, whats up with you..why have you stopped blogging. I really enjoy your words and you truly qualify as an encourager with your soothing words. Please restart your magical flow of words..

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