November 11, 2011

Celebrate the Moon

My new neighbor owns a rooster,
so for the past few months
I've been getting used to nature's reveille
A morning greeting
A true "cock-doodle-doo"
That breaks the silence of the night
At the very first moment
the sun slices the morning sky

Crazy as it sounds,
I've come to love it
Dependable, certain,
Yet subtle and distant enough
To quickly fade off
Into the buzz of the day

On this morning however,
That rooster's crow surprised me
Coming long before the sun was ready to rise

This morning the rooster crowed
For the brilliance of the moon
That shone across the field

I laid in bed and listened
The moonlight shining on my face
Like a spotlight on a stage

Not bothered,
But inspired

This rooster was His way of reminding me
To celebrate the shining lights in our life
That are sometimes forgotten
Or overlooked
Or taken for granted

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Today I Pray...

There isn't a day that goes by
That You don't amaze me
With the gifts You bring
Every day

Thank You for each and every one
The ones I see
And the ones that go unnoticed

Help me today
And always
To appreciate my blessings

Keep me ever-aware of the power
of some very simple words
when said with sincerity...

"Thank you"
"You are wonderful"
"I need you"
"I love you"

Today and always
Help me
Celebrate the moon

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Just a little something from Judy said...

You write,
I read,
You draw us in and help us feel exactly what you are feeling and what you believe to be true. I say this with my heart, you certainly are a gifted communicator, and I certainly am a blessed recipient. This was beautiful!

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