November 2, 2011

Seasons Change

Quietly reflecting
On the way the seasons change

How one morning you can wake up
And your summer blooms are still clinging
To that last breath of warmth
In the Autumn air

And that very same day
They become buried under a blanket
Of unexpected snow
And those vibrant flowers
Surrender to the Earth

...Quietly thinking about how life
So often mirrors nature
And one moment
Changes the next

...How an anxious "little girl"
Walks down the aisle
Clutching her daddy's hand

And just moments...
and two simple words later
that little girl becomes her joyful husband's bride

...How one moment
Our world enjoys the laughter and joy
Of a compassionate, generous man

Or the free, and easy spirit
Of a young teen

And the next moment,
They are gone
And the world is still
...and speechless

... Sad for its loss
But happy to have ever known them

If there is one thing
This year has shown me...

Enjoy every moment
Take nothing for granted

When you think
You have given all you can
Give a little more

Choose to live every day
...With purpose

Today I Pray...

...For a happy ever after
For my beautiful niece and her husband

You may not know what each day will bring
But remember how you feel today
And hold onto that love through
every season.

And ...

...For the peaceful rest
Of two special people
Both taken from this life too soon

The world is a better place
...because of the way you lived

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Just a little something from Judy said...

Yes my friend, I did miss your gift of writing, and today I was blessed with it once again. You write with your heart and I read it with my heart. Thank you!
Powerful words.

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