September 20, 2009

Sharing the Love

Since I don't typically post on a Sunday, I hope you'll forgive me from abandoning my usual format to share this. Today I Pray received some "award" love! Kristen at Ladybug Blessings surprised me this morning with this award.

The directions for this award are as follows:
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you [thank you again Kristen!]
  2. Copy the logo & place on your blog
  3. Link the person who nominated you [which I hope would be done in thanking :)]
  4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know
  5. Nominate 7 kreativ bloggers [clearly the hardest part because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there!!]
  6. Post their links
  7. Tell them!
So here goes with my 7 random things :)

  1. I love organizing things.
  2. Despite this, I can be pretty disorganized at times.
  3. At Christmas time I bake about twelve different kinds of cookies (and they are delicious, if I do say so myself!).
  4. I love to knit (but can only make one thing well...a Prayer Shawl...go figure :-)
  5. Susan Branch is my creative inspiration -- she is living my dream.
  6. When I was little I had a cat named Leo (the Lion). The dogs in the neighborhood were afraid of him -- seriously.
  7. My dream home is little more than an old farmhouse with a huge kitchen, and a big wraparound porch overlooking a lake. share the love.

Kristen, thank you again for giving me this award. It means so much to me. I loved being able to share a little about me -- and I especially loved sharing the love!!

Now it's confession time. I actually received another award quite awhile ago, but I never did anything about it -- and for that I'm really very embarrassed. You see, at the time, I didn't think I could accept it. I was trying so hard to keep this blog in just the format that I had started, that I thought it didn't "fit."

When I received the award from Kristen this morning, all of the same thoughts went through my head -- but then something dawned on me...a thought really smacked me right over the head. This blog isn't about me controlling things -- it's about opening up my heart and trusting God's bigger plan. In this case, I needed to accept and receive the gift that was being given -- so that I could give something back in return.

Not that hard a concept -- but an ah ha moment that I felt I needed to share. Once again...mysterious ways.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Thanks so much for being here.

"They will greet you and give you two wave offerings of bread, which you will take from them." 1 Samuel 10:4


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I loved what you said about the second award~how you struggled with it instead of remembering to let go. Although I always thank the wonderful people who graciously bestow awards to my blog I struggle in balance the awards and trying to remain humble. You have given me much to ponder. Thank you ever so much for giving me such as lovely award. I look forward to perusing your blog. It was great fun in learning a few fun things about you.
Be blessed!

sema said...

Thank You Lauren for the award.I feel honored to be described talented by you.I am always inspired by your words.

Joyfulsister said...

Thank you my Sister,
For thinking of me as you passed on this award today. Thank you blessng me with your visit and encouraging words about my blog. I pray that you have beautiful week ahead filled with all that Lord has for you.

Hugz Lorie

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