September 11, 2009


Quiet grey morning
The rain falls
And plays a somber melody

A crash of thunder
Lightening strikes
And the memories
come flooding back

Memories of a day
When our lives were changed

We screamed
We cried
We hugged
We lit candles
We raised flags
We reached out to comfort strangers

Quiet grey morning
The rain falls
Like tears from heaven

We will never forget

Today I Pray...

...for the heroes
whose valor left an indelible mark on our hearts
...that you are at peace

...for the families
whose lives were forever changed on this day
...that you are comforted

And with mercy...
...for the souls whose hearts
hold so much anger and hatred
...that somehow you hearts find peace


Anonymous said...


aquamaureen said...

I second Tabitha's Amen.

Have you visited Rowena's blog? Warrior Girl? I just left a response on her post about 9/11 . ..

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