September 17, 2009

Could This Be?

Seeking quiet inspiration
A broader reach
An outstretched hand

There is more to be done
More souls
That need to share
what's on their heart

Looking to the skies
I wonder...

Could this be more?
Should this be more?

I'm turning to you
for guidance

Today I Pray...

I need your help

I've been kind of quiet lately
because I'm adjusting to a different kind of life

I'm a little blue...
...partially because I'm missing my daughter

...partially because I'm feeling a little lost professionally

...largely because I feel there's more for me to do
...but I don't know what or how

Many of you have shared your thoughts and reactions with me
about how I might use my words to do more good
...books, cards, artwork, etc.

I am looking at all of those possibilities
In hopes that I can do just that

But in the meantime, I'm asking for your input
Your thoughts about this blog
and whether or not it should be something more....

...maybe more of a community, where we could share
...or more open forum where you could post your prayers
and special intentions? friend suggested I share more about myself,
and pay less attention to my daily inspiration format...

You are my friends, and I'd value your thoughts.


Lori said...

I absolutely love the beauty and simplicity of your blog, your words are inspired my God and I am always touched and blessed by your site, which I put on my blog list.....I was looking for an "about me" on your blog and didn't see one so excuse me for not using your proper name!

Kristen said...

:) did you get my e-mail? I think your ideas are fabulous!

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