March 4, 2013

Every Step For You

Each morning as I walked my dogs
I try to use that time
For thoughtful reflection

I let my lungs fill
With the crisp fresh air
Enjoy the wind at my face
And thank God for the clothes on my back
That warm me

I admire the changing skies
As the sun peaks over the tree tops
Or slices through the dense morning clouds
And I marvel how the skies change
Just like the seasons

But this morning as we walked
I watched my dogs running down the path...
A path we walk daily

I was struck by the enthusiasm
That filled their every step

They ran from tree to tree
Sniffing and exploring
As if it was the first time
They had ever walked that path

The landscape hadn't changed one bit
Since yesterday
Yet to them it was brand new

Running in and out of the brush
Circling the trees
Running freely through the field
Stopping occasionally
To roll in the grass
And delight in the day


Today I Pray...

That I might embrace every day
With unbridled enthusiasm

That I might relinquish
my worries and troubles to You
And remember that
As sure as the sun rises
You will be there for me

And all You ask in return
Is for me to live my life to the fullest

"Find your delight in the Lord, who will give you your heart's desire. Commit your way to the Lord; trust that God will act, and make your integrity shine like the dawn, your vindication like noonday." Psalms 37:4-6

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