March 18, 2013

Skies Are Changing

I see you everywhere

In the chirping of the birds
I hear your voice

In the sky
I see your face

In the glow of the sun
I feel your warmth

Somehow you always find a way
To let me know you are there

You remind me
In ways that only you could
Of the simplest
of life's lessons

And you give me reason
To trust and believe
To have faith

But today
You confused me
There's an uneasiness
That I feel in the pit
of my stomach
I am scared, unsure, and anxious

The very first glimpse at the morning sky
Was ominous
Heavy grey clouds
And a coldness in the air
That immediately struck my bones

But as you so often do
Within just minutes
You revealed the splendor
of the sunrise
And you put my mind at ease

With each step
A more magnificent sky
Colors so vivid and rich
Combined with the crisp cold air
It took my breath away

I was awed by the dark branches
Against the amazing sky
It reminded me of life

So many twists and turns
People coming in and out of our lives
Decisions made along the path

And then...just moments later
Only a few steps down the winding path
That brilliant sky
Was gone
Without a trace

All I could think
Was just how quickly
Things can change

Had I started my walk
Just 20 minutes earlier
Or later

Had I blinked

....I would have missed it all

Today I Pray...

I feel so unsettled right now
I look for you
In the sky

And I hear you
In the wind

And today's dramatically changing skies
Sent a chill through my veins

I don't want to take
Even one moment
Of this journey
For granted

Help me to make the most of it all
To see beauty in every step
To seize the opportunities
Enjoy the friendships
Let go of the hurt
And always
Live in the light of your warmth and love

"Give ear, listen humbly,
for the Lord speaks." Jeremiah 13:15

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Just a little something from Judy said...

So beautifully written and full of truth! Changes are everywhere, and circumstances change constantly. What comfort you shared and what peace. I hope you keep sharing from your heart.

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