August 10, 2009

My Little Place

I stood on the porch
Looking out
at my little place
on this earth
and the celebration
at hand

A day for my daughter
to celebrate her accomplishments
and her future

To the right,
gathered 'round the table
a group of women
...mothers, sisters, daughters, friends

New friends being made
Memories being shared

Behind them a garden
Bursts of color
Pink, yellow, green, purple, red
Butterflies fluttering

Looking in through the kitchen window
More family and friends
Filling their plates with food
Taking time to enjoy the memories
That flooded back as they looked
At colorful photo displays

Coming from the living room
The roar of celebration
And the sighs of despair
As a dozen avid baseball fans
Watched their team
Dominate or deflate before their eyes

Regardless of the outcome of the game
Friends of all ages
emerged from the house
And poured into the back yard
To join one of the games at hand

Horseshoes clanked,
Bases were run
Balls were thrown

Those that didn't play
Tapped their toes and danced
to the beat
of music that flooded the air

From the heavens
...Not the forecasted rain
But beams of sun
And a cool breeze
circling round

I stood on the porch
Looking out
at my little place
on this earth

Everywhere I looked
...I saw blessings

Today I Pray...

...with gratitude

for a wonderful weekend with family and friends

...thank you for the joy you bring into my life
...for your kindness, your laughter, and your spirit those who helped me pray for good weather
God heard us and answered

...for my wonderful family
who stuck with me and helped me
every step of the way
The weekend was teamwork at its finest
and I love you dearly

My life is filled
with blessings
...too abundant to count

I'm humbled and grateful...

...Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Reading this was like sitting on my own porch and watching our lives play out together. Beautifully :)

aquamaureen said...

Thank you for giving me a peek into your life :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

You stop and think, you break down each and every blessing, you take it all into consideration, you know and recognize where it ALL comes from...that is what I love about your blog and each post. You, help me to the same. You help me to stop and think about how truly blessed I am. Thank you for that! Congratulations to your beautiful daughter! Another lovely post my friend.

Brandi Reynolds said...

congrats to your daughter!!

and thank you as always for sharing your prayers. they are truly uplifting.

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