August 15, 2009

So Am I

"I'm happy!" she said
in her sweet little voice.

"So am I!" sang a chorus of friends.
And they laughed and played
and skipped around the yard.

"I'm hungry," he said
as he rubbed his grumbling belly.

"Me too!" roared his friends
who followed him into the kitchen.

"I'm scared," she cried
as lightening illuminated the sky

"So am I," shrieked her friends
and they huddled together
away from the storm.

She cried out in the dark,

"I'm stressed."
"I'm nervous."
"I'm anxious."

"So am I," echoed back in a breeze.

And a chorus of friends
who understood
Held her up while she learned to breathe

That day she finally caught her breath
She heard the words
He'd been speaking all along
The wisdom of ages
Simple abundance

"My child, you are never alone."

Today I Pray...

...with a grateful heart

Thank you for showing me
that no matter what I am feeling
I am never alone in my emotions

Hold me steady as I find courage
to share more

Help me to trust that in sharing
I will heal
And maybe help others
who are bearing similar burdens

Help me to see the many ways
that I can learn from others

I also say a special prayer
for courage
for anyone
who is feeling lonely
or scared, or anxious your heart,
and know you're not alone.

"Know that I am with you; I will protect you wherever you go and bring you back to this land. I will never leave you until I have done what I promised you." Genesis 28:15


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aquamaureen said...

To know that we are not alone, ever, and that the reason for this is our heavenly Parent . . . well, is there any better feeling than that???? thank you, Lauren, for putting that into words in such a lovely way.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I remember the very day when I learned that I am never alone. It liberated me! It set me free from the grips of fear that the enemy used to hold me captive. Now I'm help captive lovingly by my Father!

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