August 4, 2009

Special Intentions

Today I Pray...

...for some very special loved ones.

Please help my Dad rebuild his strength.
He knows what he needs to do
-- and he is not a quitter, so I know he'll do it
But please send an angel to rest on his shoulder
and whisper words of encouragement in his ear
(he's 82, so maybe "whisper" isn't the right word...
...but You know what I mean God. :)

Please continue to breathe that amazingly
positive spirit into my Mother.
We all see Your unfailing love
in every step she takes
in every unselfish action
every smile,
every "Come on, you can do it."

...Please hug her just a moment longer
and make sure she knows
she can rest....and lean on us.

For dear hubby,
Now that he has blown out the candles
on his special birthday cake
Please help him to find joy
in a truth I know he already knows...
...he is no different today than yesterday
...and he is incredibly loved for exactly who he is.

Thank You, God, for filling my life with such amazing people.
Today my prayers are devoted to them.

"Live a good life, and in the end it is not the years in the life, but the life in the years."
Abraham Lincoln


aquamaureen said...

Lauren, I can tell by the words you use that your mom and dad, and your husband, are beloved parts of your life. So I know already that you are deeply grateful for them. But I still urge you to give them all extra extra hugs. You are SOOOOOOOO blessed to have them in your life, AND to have them as "positive" parts.

God, through His infinite grace, is helping me feel whole, without having either parent or spouse in my life. Plus, He is--on a daily basis--helping me heal and "unscar" from having my dad and spouse be negative parts of my life.

Again, I KNOW you already love and cherish and are grateful for your dearly loved parents and partner, but maybe you could just hug them extra, for me.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, a happy belated birthday to your hubby. The way you pray I have no doubt God is moved to answer all prayers. I can feel the love and compassion through your words. You have a loving heart and soul and I'm grateful to know you.

Kristen said...

your prayers are amazing & I know they are helping everyone!

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