August 17, 2009

Breath of Heaven

A hundred to do's
Suffocate me

And though the day is just coming to life
I feel the rush
of the week already racing by

Help me remember to breathe

And just like that,
in the rush of the day
A cool morning breeze
swept through the open window
in my office
And gently wrapped itself
around me

Comfort. Truth. Life.

Today I Pray...

...please help me to stay focused use my time wisely make the most of each conversation have a successful day

And thank you for answering my prayer so quickly...

......and erasing the tension that was already mounting

Your subtle breath of heaven reminded me
that there is nothing
more important
than this moment with You


Anonymous said...

That photo along with your prayer is breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

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