August 12, 2009

Twenty More

Twenty years ago today
A young girl
with butterflies in her stomach
clutched her Daddy's arm
And took a short walk

She never stopped grinning
At what she saw before her....

The bluest eyes
The broadest smile
A thousand hopes and dreams
A home, a family
A life together


The walk
....was down the aisle

The eyes
...were yours

The hopes and dreams
...still grow from year to year

The family ours (and an amazing blessing)

The life together -- tried and true -- a gift I would never trade

Today I Pray...

...for my husband,
my very best friend,
the love of my life

the hopes and dreams
the excitement and joy
are as real today as they were
twenty years ago

I am so grateful
that you never gave up on me...
...or on us

...I pray for 20 more years
...and 20 more after that

...always with you by my side

I love you Jeff.


aquamaureen said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I hope Jeff reads your post :)

Videhi Visali said...

I can just think of one word " Extraordinary". Very impressive way to express your journey and love...

Rebecca Emrich said...

wow, wow and wow, what a wonderful prose, you have a gift. Iy is wonderful to see how you use it so well. I'm always uplifted after reading your blogs, keep it up.

I'll be mentioning your blog in my post one day, I hope you don't mind.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Beautiful, touching, heartfelt, tribute to your husband and your years together. Congratulations to the two of you!! My wish for you is a wonderful, romantic and fun day together today! And, many more to follow. You sure do make a good looking couple. This post truly blessed my heart.

Anonymous said...

That was so deeply beautiful!! I know Jeff loved hearing these words!

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