August 27, 2009

Wonder Under the Stars

Setting sun
Rising moon
New life

A hundred onlookers
Ready to witness
The miracle
Laying just beneath the sand

If the video does not load, please view the article to enjoy an awesome video of baby sea turtles being hatched

Today I Pray...

...with an awe-inspired heart
amazed by the miracle of life
and the wonders of nature

...though we didn't witness these
baby sea turtles being hatched
I thank You for teaching me
something new today

...and for the gentle reminder
that every day is a new day
A fresh start
A renewed attitude
A new beginning

With Your love
a new life
can be born at any moment


aquamaureen said...

oh thank you thank you thank you. "every day a new day." yes!!

who can watch this video and not smile/?????

Just a little something from Judy said...

A fresh start. A renewed attitude. What amazing gifts we are given each day. You, my friend are being used by God to remind me of my blessings.

Kristen said...


Lori said...

What a miracle of God that they know exactly where to go, we can take some lessons from them. Never lose sight of the goal!

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