August 20, 2009


Trying so hard
to hold it all together

Now is not the time
to come undone

But the dog's barking
The phone's ringing
So much to do, and
Tensions are running high

The mountain of belongings
stacked up in the hall
Tell a story of a new adventure
about to begin

...the next step for a little girl
who's growing up
...and the mix of emotions
for a family who is learning to let go

Without even realizing it
A tear rolls down my face
then another

....and before I know it

I begin to melt

Today I Pray...

....for laughter and joy
...for patience and understanding
...for compassionate hearts
And a deep awareness of
Your unfailing
peace and love
settled deep within our bones


Lori said...

What beautiful heartfelt words, thank you so much for sharing......I will say a prayer for your family and your daughter's new adventure! Lori

Lauren said...

Thanks Lori. I think most of what I feel is excitement. But can't help but feel a pang of sadness too... she's a special girl and we're going to miss seeing her smile and hearing her laughter on a daily basis.

aquamaureen said...

Do you have a daughter going off to college?

Lauren said...

sure do I said, it's all good, just trying to get ready for a new chapter of our lives.

Just a little something from Judy said...

More than you realize...I can relate to this post. To the apprehensions, the sadness, the changes, and the wanting not to let go. My mother's heart will be praying for you in this transistion.

aquamaureen said...

My prayers will include you, Lauren . . . thank goodness we can trust in God's guidance and Parenting . . .whole new adventures lie ahead . . .and it's as much your growing time as it is your dear daughter's . .

Just a little something from Judy said...

My mother's heart aches for you. Good byes...always so difficult and painful. The prayers for peace and joy are so needed for you and for me. Thank God for His peace.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

"peace settled deep in our bones"--I absolutely needed this today. Thank you, Lauren. I've been very busy lately with a new job and sometimes feel like I'm losing my mind. I'd forgotten how centered and calm your blog makes me feel. Thank you.

I pray for peace for you, and your family, in this time of transition.

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