May 4, 2009

Listening & Gratitude

I followed a link today that said "Find The Perfect Prayer"
...and I found this wonderful food for thought.

Don't just talk...listen.
Don't just gratitude.


Today I Pray
....that I find a better, more open way to communicate
...that I spend less time talking
...and more time actively listening.

Today I pray that I draw back my open hands...
...and instead ask simply can I serve you?

Today I pray that when you speak to me...
...I hear you.

Every day is a new blessing.
...thank you for today.


Brittany said...

I have goose bumps!

I love this prayer.

Lauren said...

:) thanks for saying that Brittany.
i'm never sure if people are reading these words -- i just keep telling myself that if even one person feels something because of it, it's worth it.

i hope u have a good day -- and thanks for visiting. come back again!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Brittany. This is absolutely beautiful!

aquamaureen said...

yep, I too know the feeling of wondering if anyone is reading our blog posts. . . well, wonder no longer, Lauren :) I am reading (instead of going to bed!!!!), and I am being heart-nourished!!

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