May 30, 2009


Flat footed
Arms at my side
...Waiting for life to come to me

Arms extended
...Reaching out to grab hold of the life I want

Today I Pray...

for blessings in the form of
...sore arches
...and tired shoulders

Help me to keep reaching out shake a hand help someone in need dry a tear touch the stars.



Anonymous said...

Now my day can start in a positive direction. Reading your posts have that affect. :)

aquamaureen said...

Oh Lauren . . . your words are pure poetry. Soulspeak.

I wish you were my nextdoor neighbor.

Lauren said...

thank you Tabitha...I always feel the same about your posts as well. :)

...and Maureen, that's the beauty of the internet -- we can be neighbors wherever we live. I'm glad to see you again -- I was getting worried. Thanks for all of your kind comments.

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