May 7, 2009


Today I Pray...

...for my friends.

Whether we speak often, periodically, or hardly ever at all are on my mind and forever in my heart.

Our friendship is a coveted treasure -- like a pile of jewels.
And each time I open that treasure chest the jewels shine brightly.

I pray that today you feel the peace that comes from knowing that you are loved.

I pray that today any burdens you bear are lifted...
and that you delight in the beauty that surrounds you
....the beauty that is you.

You have been a gift in my life and I'm so grateful for you.

You've held my hand...'ve laughed with me've cried with me've listened've shared

You've helped me become me -- and for that I am grateful.

Today my prayers are dedicated to you.
The radiant lights in my life.
My friends.... treasures.


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Anonymous said...


I would lost without my friends.

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