May 27, 2009

Broken Spirit

With little warning
hurt crept into my home yesterday...


Not one but two
broken spirits
with tears in their eyes
saying, "Why?"

I feel their hurt
and wish I could take it from them
But it doesn't work that way

All I can do is pray...

...that today is better
...that they don't stay down for long
...that they look around and see
...that this is just a ripple in the pond

And beyond this hurt

...there is a world of joy
...a sea of hope
...mountains of love

...waiting for them

Today I Pray...
...for the broken spirits that need to be uplifted

Even in the quiet still of the night are never alone

...have faith strong

Because you are loved.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry they are hurting, but I to wish it to pass quickly and they will smile again.


Lauren said...

thanks heart aches to see them hurting...but they will, undoubtedly rebound.

Just a little something from Judy said...

As a mother of grown daughters, this was an all too familiar prayer on my part. You said it beautifully, and I identified with your heart hurting. Thankfully we have hope to share with them...the smiles will come again. Hurting with your children is very real for a mother's heart. I like how you put it into words.

aquamaureen said...

Lauren--what tender and true sentiments. Such unutterable comfort to know that we are never alone, even in the "quiet still of the night."

You have such a graceful way with words.

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