May 1, 2009

From the Rain

Let the rain fall down upon me...
...let it wash away worries and doubt
Free my mind from insecurities
...get all the heartache out

A shower of Heaven-sent kisses
...splashing upon my face
Let it lift my soul and spirit
...fill my heart with grace

Walk and dance and sing the rain I'm young once more
Release my inner child the rain my spirit soars

Liquid sunshine tapping
...on the rooftop and the street
From the rain my heart is singing
...a song forever sweet

Today I pray
...for a happy heart.

I'm not coming in...
...from the rain.

1 comment:

aquamaureen said...

oh Lauren, how could you ever doubt that you are indeed a poet???? your lyrical words remind me of an essay I wrote about being in spring rain . . a time of grace for me too, like for you

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