May 2, 2009

Something to Be Happy About

What a blessing today is...

...come rain or shine this is a day to celebrate.

Do not give in to negativity.

Rejoice, be glad, raise your heart!

Blessings surround me.

Today I pray ....Amen!

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aquamaureen said...

This is the last post of yours I'll read tonight (but I'll be back late to read more!!)

This is the perfect post to end my day with, and to take to bed, and start tomorrow with. No matter how tomorrow seems humanly, I choose right now to have it be a day to celebrate--in fact I'm gonna print out the word "celebrate" and tape it at eyelevel on my bathroom mirrow where I'll see it first thing tomorrow morning--and probably a couple times during the night :)

You have SO uplifted my spirits, Lauren. Wow.

I feel as if God has given me a gift by helping me find you!!

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