July 31, 2009

When Words Fail Me

...there is music.

James Taylor has always been one of my most favorite musicians. And [to me] the Secret O' Life -- one of his most beautiful and meaningful songs. If the video doesn't load, please click the link above, and enjoy.

Today I Pray...

...a special prayer of healing for the sick

...fill their hearts with positive thoughts and energy

...surround them with love and caring

...refresh their spirits

...breathe Your strength and life into their hearts


Anonymous said...

A Loving way to start my day!

Thank you!

aquamaureen said...

oh thank you thank you thank you. Tabitha began her day with this, and I ended mine :)

It's after midnight and I've worked on four separate essays today and painted and was ready to fall, happily spent, into bed. But I was led to your blog. And I got to hear James, one of MY favs, sing me a lullaby. Next to the actual song he sang, my favorite part was the breeze blowing through the long white curtains behind the piano player.

What a gift, Lauren. Thank you.

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