July 1, 2009


I was still...
and God talked to me

At first I heard nothing
...just a quiet calm

With a grateful heart
I started
to go about my day

He never broke the silence
but as I gazed out the window
at the dewy July morning
...His words were clear
...and pure comfort

He told me
that He loved me
and that He heard my prayer

And He reassured me
that I am never alone

"In fact," He said,
"There are angels
all around you.

you just mistake them
for something else."

"Some speak
Some fly
Some whisper in you ear
Some flutter like a curtain
in the breeze

Some hug you
Some kiss you
Some never say a word"

"And some," He said,
"just wag their tails."

From out my window this morning, my puppy rested and watched.
He didn't beg or bark. He didn't sleep.
He just watched and made sure that I was alright.

Today I Pray...

...that you recognize the angels around you.

Angel, like blessings, are everywhere.


Anonymous said...

This is so crazy, because I just added an Angel to my blog today. I have many Angels and I hope I can notice them with each new day.

aquamaureen said...

oh yes, God's angels ARE all around us. You are so right--we just need to learn to recognize them!!

Kristen said...

awww that is so sweet!! I love that!!

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