July 16, 2009


Like a dog chasing his tail
Running in circles
Exhausting myself
Getting nowhere

Maybe I'm just
chasing dreams
That can't be reached

Or maybe
I'm so busy looking back
That I'm forgetting
To see what's right
In front of me

God heard my mind racing
and He whispered in my ear:

Silly dog
Stop chasing your tail
Rest for a moment
Undizzy yourself

Then look at the world
That lies before you

Go on a long explore
Start moving forward
Sniffing your way
Down new paths

You'll find your way
Just stop chasing your tail

image from Google images

Today I Pray...

...for Your help in stopping the
negative self-talk

...help me to remember
that I can learn from the past
without being fixed there

...and that resting
and looking at what lies ahead
is OK

...but I will never get anywhere
if I don't start
walking the path


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Friend,
I am launching my very own podcast show and I would love it if you would submit one of your writings. There are many of us who can relate.

Read about it at my blog
I Choose Bliss

aquamaureen said...

"undizzy yourself"--aaaah, that's the key, isn't it?

Lori said...

How could someone have conveyed so accurately and beautifully how I was feeling right at that moment? "Chasing" was sent by God just for me through you, thank you!

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