July 30, 2009

When Angels Speak

Sometimes it's the flutter
of a butterfly's wings

Or the chorus of birds
in the trees

It's a pet's gentle purr
or wagging tail

A child's innocent eyes
silly giggles
popcicle kisses
and goodnight hugs

When angels speak
...Your heart smiles

Screeching brakes
without a crash

The phone call
to say "I've arrived"

A soldier's
first step on home soil

When angels speak
...Your heart beats

It's a cool breeze
on a sticky summer day
that wraps itself around you
like a scarf in winter

It's the hush
of a quiet morning

And the serenity
of a starry night

When angels speak
...You are soothed

It's the outstretched hand
that asks for help

The ones who inspire you
...to think
...to dig deeper
...to share generously
...to be more
....than you ever imagined

When angels speak
...Your heart soars

Today I Pray...

...with immeasurable gratitude
for the angels who have spoken
to me over the years

...some have names
...others just are

They've guided and protected
the ones I love

They've taken my breath away
with their beauty

And taught me to breathe
through anxious times

They've brought tears of joy
to my eyes

And helped me find peace
in the darkest hours

Today I also say a special prayer
for Kristin

...in your quest for clarity
please know
that you are an angel
who delivered
peace, hope and joy

Whatever I can do in return
for you...
would be a gift to me


Anonymous said...

It's my turn to cry today. lol
This was absolutely beautiful and I'd love to share it on a future show. EVERYONE should read/hear your poetry!

Anonymous said...

This gave me goosebumps! Thank you so much. I feel so blessed to be remembered by you today. We'll be in touch.

aquamaureen said...

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: the sheer poetry in your words, your prayers, is breathtaking.

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