July 20, 2009


A newborn baby
Sleeps soundly
in your arms

Fuzzy little kitten
at your feet

Giggling toddler
Chases fireflies
in the night

Butterfly kisses
From sticky-fingered tots

"I love you"
"Please" and "Thank you"
"I'm glad you are my friend"

There is something
about "Precious"

It is tender
Sweet and kind

It is pure and easy
...Gentle innocence


Today I Pray...

...that I appreciate
just how precious
every new day is

...that I don't neglect
to say
"I love you"

...that I celebrate the moments
that make everyday life


1 comment:

Just a little something from Judy said...

The older I get the more precious people become to me. Like always, I appreciate this reminder, especially with letting those I consider precious, know. I like that photo.

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