June 1, 2009


The alarm clock buzzed
And my heart raced
Immediately anxious about a day
That holds unpleasant challenges

The truest sign of an internal struggle

A war between want and need
Fully aware of what's best for me
At odds with what's best for others

Trying to summon a refreshed attitude
Answered only by a heavy thumping in my chest

Today I Pray...

...for strength
to carry me past adversity

...for light
on the path that I am meant to walk

...for a calming breath
to overcome the anxiety

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Find Peace.


Tabitha in Bliss said...

I wish you great peace, strength and joy today and everyday that follows.

Lauren said...

thanks Tabitha.

aquamaureen said...

Once again, I'm amazed by how much you communicate, with so few words. What a gift.

As far as the content of what you wrote, I think you are already well on the way to peace because you have acknowledged the unrest and prayed for passage through it. I know God's goodness is surrounding you today.

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