June 2, 2009

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Outside my window
Grey skies
Ominous clouds
Looming over the mountain

And to the west
A ray of hope
Sunshine slicing through the clouds

Much to do
No time to waste
Head out or wait
for the storm to pass?

Why wait?
It's only rain.

One step, two steps
A mist of rain
Then a steady shower
Like a wake up call from the heavens

Further along the path
The sweet fragrance of renewal
As the rain washes over me

Then sunshine
To welcome me home

Today I Pray...

...for the wisdom
to know when to let the storm pass

...and when it's better
to walk in the rain


aquamaureen said...

I've got just the same weather this morning, and the same wonderings . . .Lauren, once again your poetry both stirs and settles my soul. How important it is not to assume that we are always to avoid the storm, or to even see "storms" as negatives . . . raindrops do refresh the earth, and when we allow them, our hearts and souls and minds as well. Thank you, sweet new friend, for helping me see the loveliness in our gray mornings.

Anonymous said...

A few times last week storms rolled in and my daughter and I decided we'd play in the rain instead of running from it as everyone else was doing.

Sometimes going straight through a storm can bring much clarity on the dry side.


Just a little something from Judy said...

True wisdom...I need it every day, in every storm I face. Thank God it is freely available to us whenever we need it. Your way of writing touches my heart. I am blessed in my visits here.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful....we all need that wisdom.

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