June 5, 2009

Bask in the Sun

A weekend filled with celebration
for many people I hold dear

Old friends
Remembering bygone days

A celebration
Honoring achievements
A thank you
For being you
and giving so much
to community

And closest to home
The end of an era
for childhood friends
About to embark
Upon the next phase
of the amazing journey
Called life

Today I Pray...

...for college friends
...for Jen
...and for my beautiful Amy and her friends

That you bask in the sun of celebration
Enjoying every moment to the fullest

You make the world a better place.

Enjoy. Have Fun. Safe home.


aquamaureen said...

Lauren--is the picture one you took? If so, are those YOUR flowers??? I have the very same in my front yard and it is probably my favorite of all because it blooms so extravagantly, holding nothing back . .

Lauren said...

Yes. and Yes. I took the photo and the peonies are in my garden. We have 2 different shades of fuschia, as well as a white with a gentle pink blush, and also a very deep burgundy color ....and a red fern peony that bloomed in early May. I actually have several photos of these gems in full bloom...I am planning to post them next week. You are 100% spot on when you say they don't hold back. They are exquisite...and the most beautiful fragrance ever!

J Mac said...

Wow...thank you for the prayer! I am so fortunate to have good friends & lots of sunshine! Thank you for selecting me along my life's road:)

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