June 25, 2009

Be My Guide

Following carefully
As you light each step

We've come so far
But I suddenly feel
Very afraid

Like I'm standing in darkness
And the path has disappeared
Leaving scattered stepping stones
In a swirling stream

I know You are with me
But I can't hear you
Over the rushing waters

I don't know
Where we're going
Nor do I know my way back
From where we came

Please don't let go
of my hand

Forever be
my Guide

Today I Pray...

...for open ears to hear You

...for Your light on the Path

...for inner peace that comes
from putting my trust in You

"Behold the rainbow! Then bless its Maker, for majestic indeed is its splendor." Sirach, 43: 11


Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

So simply beautiful! You deeply inspire me. :)

sema said...

your prayers are so amazing-simple yet profound.

~Sandy~ said...

Beautiful!!! You are special and I hope you know that. You always brighten my days.

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