June 23, 2009

Long Day

It's hard to believe
But the sun is already setting
on this day

The day went so fast
I barely had a chance
to catch my breath

...nor thank You
for the gift of another day

...and the beauty
of the world around me

I was caught in a maze
of "To Do's"

and kept running
into dead ends

I kept searching
for the finish line

Head down

I should have stopped
And come to you

I should have bowed my head
and prayed

Or raised my eyes
to the heavens

I'm sorry
I let the sun go down

before stopping to say

You deserve better

...but I thank you

for being so present
with me right now

Today I Pray...

...for forgiveness

I didn't mean to shut You out

...please help me to remember

next time I'm feeling overwhelmed

that Your waiting quietly

to help me carry the load


Mesha said...


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Love this. I always try to remember that when I'm feeling burdened, it's because I haven't turned to God for help. I have to quiet all that static in my head, and tune in to His frequency--which is always there, I just have to listen. :)

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