June 8, 2009


Optimistic eyes
See life as opportunity

Dreams are boundless
Possibilities -- infinite
...sometimes dizzying

Like a merry-go-round
Spinning so fast

Sometimes it's a challenge
...to find clarity
as the world is passing by

...or to keep sure footing
as you move about

Don't lose your balance
By trying to move
too far, too fast

Steady yourself
Hold tight
Find clarity
Enjoy the ride

Today I Pray...

...for a better understanding of where I stand
on this merry-go-round of life

...for focus within,
steady footing,
and clarity of purpose

Help me to quiet my mind so that I can...

...hear Your call
...enjoy the sweet melody of life's carousel
...and proceed in the directions of my dream
with sure footing and clarity of purpose.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayer as always. :)

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Thank you, Lauren... today I'm feeling a bit dizzy from that merry-go-round life. I love the part about "quiet my mind" to "hear Your call." That's exactly what I need to do today.

Take care!

aquamaureen said...

Lovely lovely thoughts, Lauren. Thank you. I'm thinking that a key to it all--clarity, balance, moving forward--is to FIRST find the still center . . . and then all else flow out from that. "Be still, and know that I am God."

Kristen said...

aww I love it! I love coming here to read the prayers as they always speak to me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it!

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