June 4, 2009

No One Knows

Even though they called for rain
She left her umbrella behind
Though the needle pointed to "E"
She drove that extra mile

Why it came as a surprise to her
When she found herself walking in the rain

No one knows

No one knows what's in her heart
Or what it's like to be
A believer in a greater plan
That's beyond you and me

She doesn't test the odds by choice
She tries to do her best
But when she comes up short and fails
She doesn't fail the test

She kept walking down the road
Towards the glowing neon sign
With ten dollars in her pocket
She knew she'd be just fine

When the car pulled up beside her
And offered her a lift
Why she didn't hesitate

No one knows

The driver looked so weary
And the baby longed for food
Ten dollars in her pocket
She knew what she could do

She bought herself one gallon of gas
Enough to get her home
Then gave the driver all the rest...

...angels never work alone

Today I Pray...

...for a generous heart that gives more than it takes

...for open ears that don't just hear, but listen

...for never ending faith, to keep believing
even when the chips are down


Anonymous said...

My prayer is the same and I wish your every prayer to be answered.

Just a little something from Judy said...

...even when the chips are down, we will keep on believing. How beautiful this story was!! How often in life, when things happen and we can't possibly understand the whys???, we can, with God's help, keep on believing. Thank you for this another inspiring piece for today.

aquamaureen said...

oh, how lovely . . . the heart that gives, expecting nothing in return, is blessed by God, and filled to overflowing.

Once again, your words flow in a healing poetic stream

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Beautiful reminder of how sometimes the best way to help ourselves is to help someone else. We can never lose out by spreading love like wildfire.

I'm so pleased that you'd like to use my "just try" image! Yes, absolutely, you may borrow it. Thank you for asking.

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