June 18, 2009

Walking in the Rain

There must be a reason
why the rain keeps pouring on.
Perhaps our souls need cleansing

I'm laying down my umbrella
...and I'm going to walk in the rain

Let it wash away my worries
and refresh my soul

Let the gentle beat of the raindrops
be a drumbeat on my heart,
to awaken a sleeping spirit

So that when the sun shines
As I know it surely will

I'm renewed
And ready
...to grow

Today I Pray...

...for a renewed attitude
...an uplifted spirit
...and sunshine


Mesha said...

i'm glad i found your blog, I love creative writing myself, however I don't have a blog dedicated to it at this time. I used to years ago and kinda fell out of the habit. I'm excited to read the words of your heart in the form or creativity. God Bless!

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

My goodness, we must be under the same rainstorm. I was delighted to get out for my first walk in DAYS this morning--turned back into my driveway, and there came the rain again. At least I got out!

I love your idea of putting down the umbrella and letting the rain wash everything away. Lovely concept.

angiesappetite said...

I have been in the rain today too...beautiful prayer!

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