June 12, 2009


Through my open window
I hear birds singing
a triumphant song

...The storm has passed! Alleluia!

Undaunted by the grey clouds
Forming in the distance
The birds twirl and dance
Against the blue skies

A joyful celebration of the here and now!

Today I Pray...

...for faith to move mountains
and free my mind of worry

...help me learn to trust

...so that like the birds
I sing a song to celebrate the moment


aquamaureen said...

Oh Lauren, what a lovely post, and even lovelier photo. I'm assuming those flowers are growing in your yard?

Somewhere recently I read a poem about birds that sing just before the dawn. They are still in the darkest of night, but they KNOW the dawn is coming. In faith, they herald the dawn even before they see it.

Thank you for giving me this invitation to sing!!

sema said...

beautiful words-learn to trust.It is so important that we believe that all happens for a reason and that it is darkest before dawn.Then it is celebration time!

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you are truly gifted in the art of word my friend. Each day I am inspired by you and I thank you so very much. ♥

Lauren said...

Thank you all...
Tabitha -- I'm honored that you make a visit to my blog a part of your day...my heart dances to know that it provides inspiration.

Sema you are so right about the darkness before dawn...and the cause for celebration. Life is GOOD!!

Maureen -- yes...more flowers from around my house. They are all slightly waterlogged these days. hopefully well have a couple days of sun to let them grow a bit.

...have a wonderful weekend!

Kristen said...

oh I love this one!! Thank you so much! Definitely what I needed!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

On the back of my husband's motorcycle on an early morning breakfast run, I was praying the exact same prayer...Lord, please help me to trust You more, and not worry. Beautiful photo and inspiring words...as always.

Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Lauren,
I was so excited to meet another beautiful sistah. In Hawaii we say Sistahs instead of sisters because there are sisters, but when you become a sistah you become one for life. And we do share a kindred spirit for gift of words, I could feel such a connecting of spirits when I came to your blog and when I started reading your beautiful words. If you go to my giveaway blog there is an award there on the bottom of the post, please take it with you, and you can share with others who you feel led to give it to. Thank you for sharing your hearts and I will also put you in my blog list of places I visit if you don't mind.

Blessings Lorie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayer, Lauren. And, one we all need to say. Thank you.

Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

Just perfect to come across this! I finished putting up a post about storms a bit ago...it's been a wild and stormy day here.

Your words warm me and bring peace, as always.

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